Holiday Greetings from Mary House

We at Mary House wish all of you a peaceful and wonder-filled holiday season.  We’re looking forward to welcoming the families who will stay with us on the coming weekends — we’ll meet some new children and welcome a few familiar faces.

Thanks to the generous help of our small family of supporters, we made it through the installation of a new well this summer!  It left us with a small loan from a supporter to pay off, but we are immeasurably relieved and grateful to have wonderful, clear, good-tasting water and lots of it for our guests to use! Thank you to all of our friends who made donations to help us through this challenge.  The new well is 180 feet deep, and cost more than we had hoped, and the project so consumed the summer that other fundraising fell behind, so we are EXTREMELY grateful to all of you who helped us, both to start the project and to finish it!!  THANK You!